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Active Botanical Serum Sample

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Active Botanical Serum Sample


ACTIVE BOTANICAL SERUM delivers the skin beautifying nutrition your skin needs—balancing minerals, brightening vitamins, nourishing fatty acids and strengthening aminos.

Active Botanical Serum is a 100% active face oil, strategically formulated to have the multi-correctional activity and penetration of a super-powered serum. Made from the world’s most nutrient rich botanicals and essential oils, it is a skincare game changer that restores skin’s balance, texture and natural radiance.

  • Restores skin’s balance, texture and natural radiance.
  • IS ACTIVE BOTANICAL SERUM A SERUM OR A MOISTURISER? Active Botanical Serum is a face oil with the multi-correctional performance and penetrability of a serum.
Active Botanical Serum Is For Everyone
  • Active Botanical Serum can work on sensitive skin types because it doesn’t contain any artificial, potentially irritating ingredients. Sensitive skin will benefit from deeply healing, balancing vitamins D and K while magnesium will soothe and nourish the skin.
  • Just because you have oily skin doesnt mean that you can’t use Active Botanical Serum. While it might sound counterintuitive, oil-based products like Active Botanical Serum work well on oily skin because it helps to balance sebum production. Oily skin will love the blend of antibacterial ingredients and high levels of Linoleic acid, which helps keep pores clear and balances oil production.
  • Acne-prone skin is also effectively treated with Active Botanical Serum thanks to ingredients like rosemary and lavender. Additional botanicals help prevent and lighten post-acne discoloration. 

Size - 1ml