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Bio Vital Serum 30ml


Bio Vital Serum is a professional grade moisturizing firming and lifting serum for younger looking skin.


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Introducing Future 5 Elements, previously known as Future Cosmetics.

This rich, nourishing anti aging serum is recommended for tightening mature skin with a moisture barrier that can minimize wrinkles and even out skin.

As a skin firming serum, Future Cosmetics Bio Vital Serum combines a proprietary mix of botanical extracts and lecithin to significantly improve skin moisture levels and while stimulating and energizing your complexion with a healthy glow.

Prominent ingredients include myrrh, which offers antimicrobial action, and mimosa bark, which is among the best anti aging skin care ingredients to help soothe and renew skin.

This professional skin care formula also delivers ginseng, an anti aging ingredient that actively fights signs of aging, while offering hydration, antioxidants and nonirritating vitamin C.

Gingko biloba and chamomile are two more key ingredients that may have a calming, soothing effect on dry or irritated skin.


30ml  /  1.0 fl oz


Use this product after you’ve applied a cream. Gently massage a few drops of Bio Vital serum into the skin using a lifting motion.

- Myrrh

- Mimosa Bark

- Ginseng

- Ginkgo Biloba

- Chamomile