Biologique Recherche Travel Kit Makeup Case

TSA approved sizes of your favorite products: Lotion P50 1970, L'eauxygenante, Lait VIP O2 , Huile Benefique, Shampooing Traitant VIP O2, and bonus jar for your favorite creams. 

"Save Face Even While You Travel with Biologique Recherche Essentials."

This complete anti-aging regimen includes Lait VIPO2, Lotion P50 1970, L'eauxygenante, Huile Benefique, Travel Jar & Travel Case. This go-to travel is great as a gift & especially conveinenent for those that are constantly on the go.

  • Lotion P50 1970 (1.7 oz) Brightening exfoliator.
  • L'eauxygenante (1.7 oz) Antioxidant mist.
  • Lait VIP O2 (1.7 oz) Anti-pollution facial cleanser.
  • Huile Benefique (1.7 oz) Golden body oil that can be used for the hair as well. *NEW Bigger Huile, with pump!
  • ShampooingTraitant VIP O2 (1.7 oz) Protecting and balncing shampoo. *NEW Bigger Shampoo Size
  • Travel jar (0.7-oz.) This jar can be filled with youra favorite cream or mask.
  • Paraben Free