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Evolve Mask, Sage Green (30 Masks)


Three layered, comfortable, masks with a mask protector. Sage green 30 pack. 

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Evolve™ masks are made with 3 layers consisting of a hydrophobic non woven outer layer, a melt blown center and an absorbent non-woven inner layer.

Together, these layers guarantee a >95% bacterial filtration efficiency which helps filter out bacteria, pollen, dust and smoke.

Elastic ear loops and a shapeable hidden metal nose-piece ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Each pack comes with an evolve mask keeper. Perfect for when you need a safe place to stow your masks and compact enough for your wallet, pocket and handbag.

Breathability Flow Rate 8m 1/min
Splash Resistance NA for Type 1

Note: These face masks are not substitutes for medical or procedural masks in a clinical setting.

Includes 30 masks and an evolve mask keeper   17.5 x 9.5 Mask Dimension

  • Make sure the outer side of the mask is facing outwards
  • Secure strings over your ears
  • Pull mask vertically to ensure mouth and nose are fully covered
  • Avoid touching mask with your hands
  • Replace mask if it gets wet or damp

Single use only / non sterile

Store at room temperature in dry place, avoid direct sunlight.