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Sponge Giant Vase 13 in


This display sponge is perfect for a rustic decoration as well as an all natural vase to hold soaps and bath accessories.

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Grandiose display sponges average 10-13" and make a great conversation piece. Since these are natural sponges, the size and shape will vary from the actual photo.

Harvested by hand off the Gulf of Mexico.


Product Details

While sponges make for great exfoliation, vase sponges aren't the ones to cut up. Baudelaire's large and small wool sponges are the ideal tool for bathing.

Sea sponges are considered a sustainable resource thanks to their ability to regenerate. They are biodegradable and our traditional method of collecting the sponges does not cause any damage to the environment. Wool sea sponges will last for years with proper care.