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Hyalogy Creamy Wash


This light cleansing foam that contains derivatives of coconut oil is ideal for the skin that is hypersensitive and suffering from irritation, dryness, ageing and redness.

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"Refreshing & Hydrating Cleanser"

This light cleansing foam contains derivatives of coconut oil is ideal for the skin that is hypersensitive, suffering from irritation, dryness, aging and redness. It nourishes, regenerates and soothes the skin, without affecting its natural defenses. Furthermore, it helps revive tired skin, promotes an even complexion and improves elasticity and tone. The active ingredients of the product provide skin recovery at the cellular level, improving the structure of the epidermis and boosting the production of collagen and elastin regulating micro-circulation and strengthening the blood vessels. Great for very dry and sensitive skin, this wash can be used as the sole cleansing product.

• Dissolves surface impurities
• Soothing and nourishing
• Hydration and cell regeneration


• Press the pump and squeeze the foam in your hands (about 2-3 pumps)
• Spread evenly on the face, eyelids, neck and décolleté
• Using light circular movements and finger-pads or brush massage into skin
• Rinse off with warm water

Key ingredients:
Coconut oil derivatives
Hydration and moisture balance:
Glycosyl trehalose
Sodium hyaluronate (Forlle’d patented) Hydrolyzed egg shell membrane Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (Pearl protein) Sodium chondroitin sulfate