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Tan Prolonging Body Lotion


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"How French women extend their tan post holiday."

Formerly Tan Enhancing Body Lotion

Preserve a luminous long-lasting suntan post holiday. Tan Enhancing Lotion is a comfortable formula that rehydrates skin after exposure to prolong a tan's radiance for a long time after exposure.  It trains the skin to fortify itself at a cellular level, fighting free radical damage and stimulating the production and distribution of melanin which leads to a faster, longer lasting tan. This tan extending lotion contains Institut Esthederm's famous Cellular Water which optimises the skin's vitality at a cellular level helping it recover quickly

  • Helps the epidermis regain its water balance. 
  • Instantly soothed skin. 
  • An extended tan.

Size - 6.6 fl oz | 200 mL

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Apply evenly to the whole body by massaging gently. After all exposure to sun and upon return from holidays.