La Religieuse

    The composition highlights jasmine which represents the bright side of the fragrance while civet musk and incense represent the dark side.

    "Deliver us from Good! Jasmine petals are as white as snow. 
    Black is my religion."

     ~Serge Lutens
    The composition highlights jasmine, which is as pure and white as snow in this case and represents the bright side of the fragrance, while Lutens’ religion is black, mysterious and dark, enveloped in aromas of civet, musk and incense.
    Both reverent and blasphemous, La Religieuse (“the nun”) uses its jasmine to paint a portrait of a woman in full, where sweet and comforting give way to hidden depths of animalic desire, and ultimately, to freedom.
    • White Floral
    • Musky
    • Animalic
    • Balsamic
    • Smoky

    Eau de Parfum

    Size 1.7 fl oz - 50 mL