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Magic Bubbles Gift Set - Luxury Reward

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Gift yourself or someone special the Magic Bubbles Gift set which features Valmonts coveted Detox Cream (15 ml) and Detox Pack (10 ml) along with this luxurious gift pouch.

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"Anti-Aging From O2 Complex, Stem cells from Swiss Apple, Triple DNA"

A new cutting-edge solution for skin exposed to urban lifestyle, worsening air quality and recurrent pollution which cause a dull complexion, excess sebum and a decline in antioxidant defenses. Moreover, lack of oxygen in the cells speeds up the aging process. Envelops the skin in a cocoon and reinvigorates it with energy. The airy texture changes over time, recreating its delicate veil on the skin’s surface to offer the epidermis a healthy dose of oxygen.

Size 15 ml



Crackling, sparkling, effervescent DETO2X PACK is a bubble of radiance that offers an unprecedented sensory experience with Valmont. With this product, beauty can be seen, felt and heard!

Just like an ASMR session that clears the mind and cleanses the skin. This playful and practical capsule is rich in powerful active ingredients to detoxify the complexion, oxygenate the skin and counteract a dull complexion.

In contact with the air, DETO2X PACK becomes a creamy foam that teases the senses and spreads its precious ingredients in the heart of the epidermis. With just one application, the face glows with light and youth. In pursuit of excellence.

Size: 10 ml


1. Open the pod and quickly apply a thick layer to the face and neck, keeping away fom eyes and nostrils. It foams and tickles!

2. Leave on for 7 to 10 minutes while it is active and crackling!

3. When the bubbles dissapear. Massage your face, then rinse with water or use a damp tissue or cloth to facilitate removal.