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Face Scrub - Men's

Cellcosmet's Men's Face Scrub is a Gentle Foaming Dual Action†Scrubbing Gel.

Cellcosmet's Men's Face Scrub is a Gentle Foaming Dual Action Scrubbing Gel.


All skin types, all ages


ACTIONS: in 2 steps

  • Enzymatic action: detoxifying
    • Gently accelerates the natural removal and dissolutions of dead cells
    • Unclogs pores
    • Eliminates impurities and blackheads
    • Detoxifies the skin
    • Eliminates sebum


2. Mechanical action: deep cleansing

  • Refines skin texture
    • Reveals a healthy complexion
    • Lifts and softens beard hairs for a closer shave
    • Prevents ingrown beard hairs
    • Has an immediate softening effect



  • Smooth, clean and soft skin with a healthy appearance
  • A healthy looking complexion
  • Easier and gentler shave



Very fresh pleasant gel. Forms a light foam.

Size: 100 ml

Normal skin:† 2-3 times a week, all year round Sensitive skin or with acne conditions:† once a week IMPORTANT:†† Do not apply Cellmen Face Scrub to the eye contour area
MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Enzymatic complex based on pineapple and papaya extracts - Gentle exfoliant complex made from volcanic sand, diatomaceous earth, crystal powder and carnauba wax spheres