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Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ Silver Chrome


Skin Inc's award-winning and ultra coveted Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ is now supercharged with 2 new power combo lights for the ultimate bespoke facial.

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Skin Inc's award-winning and ultra coveted Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ is now supercharged with 2 new power combo lights for the ultimate bespoke facial.

One device, 5 benefits - Revive, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and Sculpt. The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ combines the power of LED Chromotherapy and Low-Frequency Stimulation to tackle multiple skin concerns for younger looking and brighter skin.

In addition to the original 3 targeted LED lights (Red, Blue, Yellow), the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ features 2 new power combo lights (Orange & Purple), which deliver twice the benefits in the same amount of time.

NASA inspired colored LED Chromotherapy addresses specific skin concerns while Low-Frequency Stimulation (Sonic Technology) helps enhance the performance of skincare ingredients into the skin. This award-winning device combines the two to tackle multiple skin concerns for a younger looking, brighter and blemish-free appearance.

The new Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++  Chrome has 3 new features:

  • USB rechargeable
  • Ability to turn the Sonic Technology feature on/of

Customize and enjoy 5 benefits at one-go!

  • REVIVE with the Red Light - To help you give a more youthful appearance and help reduce the look of fine lines.
  • GLOW with the Yellow Light - Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots.
  • SOOTHE with the Blue Light - Helps address oily or congested skin
  • GLOW & REVIVE with the power combo Orange Light - Combines the benefits of Yellow and Red Lights to helps reduce dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • REVIVE & SOOTHE with the power combo Purple Light - Combines the benefits of Red and Blue Lights to help with anti-aging concerns.
  • SCULPT- Achieve lifted facial contour and helps reduce water retention.




After applying a generous layer of a water-based serum or mask, switch on the Optimizer and apply to skin. Use gentle, clockwise circular and upward motions to massage the area. Remove plastic protective cap before use, and press the button to turn on the device. Use the same button to change lights and power off the device.

You can use for up to 10 min per application, twice daily. The device will shut off automatically after approximately 10 minutes. If you use more than one light, do not use the device beyond 10 minutes per use. Avoid using too close to lash line and eye-lid area.

To clean the device, use a damp cloth or antiseptic wipes to wipe the metal probe. Device operates on 3 x AAA batteries.

Additional Tips from Skin Inc.:

If you suffer from painful cystic acne, without touching the probe to the skin, shine the light over the blemish to receive the benefits of blue light.

If the serum or mask medium has dried down before your 10 minute session is up, you can either reapply or simply use a facial mist to moisten the skin for the remainder of your treatment.