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Oval Brush with Heat Resistant Pins

Main benefits of Acca Kappa Oval Hair Brush Size: 8.4" Designed for all hair types. Easy detangling wet or dry hair. More Details...
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Acca Kappa Oval Hair Brush with Heat Resistant Pins is made with Kotibe Wood and  Nylon Heat Resistant Pins with rounded epoxy tips, delicately massaging the scalp and improving circulation. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle brushing action on hair and scalp. Ideal for styling medium and long hair.

Main benefits:

  • Designed for all hair types.
  • Easy detangling wet and dry hair.

  • Even pressure distribution during brushing.
  • Gentle scalp massage stimulates micro-circulation.
  • Ideal for daily brushing and preparing medium to long hair for styling.
  • Vegan friendly

Size: 8.4"



Use the Acca Kappa Ova Hair Brush brush twice daily for three to five minutes in the early morning and before bedtime. Can be used on wet and dry hair. Safe to use with a blow dryer.


How To Clean Acca Kappa Brush:

For the best results use the Acca Kappa cleaning brush to clean your dry hairbrush once a week. Wash only when necessary but no more than 3-4 times a year.

DO NOT soak the wooden handle in water, leave the rubber pad under strong light or apply aggressive chemical products and oils directly on the brush.


Please watch the Video How to Properly Clean Acca Kappa Brush