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Biologique Recherche's Doctor Philippe Allouche is known for his 'out-of-the-box' vision of the skin.  Rather than speaking to Skin Types he speaks to Skin Instants...

"Our skin's condition changes several times a single day as well as during the course of our lifetimes. Everyone has different Skin Instant which can evolve during the course of one day. The artificial categorization of skins as normal, dry or oily provides a poor psychological definition of a skin's condition and only gives a stationary image of the epidermal cosmetic imbalances.

External factors like climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors like stress, sexual hormones, hygiene and age affect the skin. Biologique Recherche's Methodology addresses all these factors and how they evolve when it treats the epidermis. This is why we talk of Skin Instants. Biologique Recherche professionals are trained to analyze all these variables and advise the women and men on the treatment that is best suited to their Skin Instants."

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