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Sublime Gold Leave In Treatment Shield 150ml


The ultimate hair elixir treatment with complete action. Its highly concentrated formula of active ingredients nourish the hair and scalp, making it glossy, soft and manageable.

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An exquisite and innovative formula enhanced by a unique concentration of three types of 24k Gold: bioactive, micronized and in flakes that act as a protective agent against ageing, they add a gorgeous sheen to hair and optimize the biodistribution of our sublime active ingredients for optimum absorption. Enriched with microlipids obtained from the Wild Olive Stem Cells, Vegan Keratin, Marine Bamboo, Moringa Peptide and the Multi-bond Filler and Vegan Shine Beautifier Complex, it strengthens and regenerates the hair from inside and effectively protects the hair fiber and scalp from oxidative stress, while repairing and softening the hair, which will recover its silkiness and gain elasticity and softness.
It acts like a protective shield against external factors responsible for premature ageing, such as heat, chemical treatments, pollution, UV rays and blue light.  

Who it's for: For all hair types. Especially those with normal-to-thick, porous, dry, damaged, dull hair. Safe for color and keratin treated hair.

What it smells: The juicy touch of apple and strawberry, the opulence of jasmine and lily of the valley, with sensual notes of sandalwood.

Vegan-Friendly, Green Technology.
Bottle made of 100% recycled plastic.

150 ml / 5.1oz.

Shake before use to mix and activate the active ingredients. Apply on damp hair, comb through and massage until gold flakes are absorbed. Can also be used on dry hair during the day for extra protection and hydration or before going to sleep as a restorative overnight treatment, wrapping the hair with a Hair Turban. Do not rinse.

Miriam’s tip: It is ideal to use whenever the hair needs extra protection: exposure to the sun, sea or pool water, applying it to both wet and dry hair.

Bioactive 24k Gold: Innovative and luxurious active ingredient formed by the union of 24-carat micronized gold and 24-carat colloidal gold. This precious ingredient forms an infused complex that has three fundamental functions:
1. Optimizes the bio-distribution of the sublime active ingredients of the different treatments, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the scalp, as well as with greater and faster absorption.
2. It acts as a protective shield against aging, neutralizing free radicals and reinforcing the skin barrier to protect it from external aggressions.
3. Provides a sublime luminosity to the hair in a natural way.

24k Gold Flakes: Luxurious precious metal with channeling properties and fine scales that break when applied to the hair, giving it sublime shine and luminosity and producing golden reflections.

Wild Olive Tree Stem Cells: Extracted from Mediterranean Wild Olive Trees, it works at the biomolecular level with three objectives:
1. Protect hair and scalp from aging.
2. Strengthen and nourish in depth to revitalize the scalp.
3. Enhance the beauty of the hair and scalp, providing volume and improving combability, softness and hydration.

Multi-bond Filler: Upcycling biotechnological cosmetic active of green and sustainable technology. This complex acts on the fiber protecting the di-sulfide bridges and providing the Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPs). Reconstructs the hair fiber of hair with deep damage by 56%. It is rich in low-molecular-weight peptides that penetrate the hair fiber, reconstructing the hair architecture and protecting the keratin, reinforcing and protecting the hair.

Organic Argan Oil: With a high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it has nourishing, revitalizing, restructuring and repairing properties for the scalp and hair.

Vegan Keratin: 100% natural and vegetable-based keratin, repairs, renews and protects keratin (key structural component of the hair) by creating a thin film of keratin that covers the hair fiber. Creates a beautiful natural shine and protects against thermal damage. Restores the hair fiber giving it body, volume and shine.

Vegan Collagen: Vegan certified, this active collagen fragment of high purity is obtained through wild plants (N. Benthamiana). Promotes collagen formation. Improves the elasticity and texture of the hair. Helps revitalize the hair fiber.

Moringa Peptide: Protects hair against pollution by reducing the adhesion of exhaust gas, UVB, and dust particles. Improves hair’s strength and resistance, acts as a photo-protector, conditions and repairs hair.

Marine Bamboo: Marine plant with a unique defense system against Blue Light and IRA (infrared A rays) in the ocean. It offers protection to the scalp, improving the damaging effects of digital and environmental aging. Promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin in old cells and reinforces the antioxidant potential of the skin. In vivo studies show that after 28 days, greater firmness (+8%) and tone (+12%), a reduction in TEWL and a lifting effect are obtained.

Multi-vitamin B Complex: Cocktail of five vitamins of group B (Thiamine - B1, Riboflavin - B2, Nicotinamide - B3, Panthenol - B5 and Pyridoxine - B6) that defends against oxidative stress, increases the protective and regenerative properties of the hair's natural keratin. It works at the follicle level, regulates sebum and increases the production of hair keratin, promoting healthy hair growth.

Betaine Amino-Acid: Essential for maintaining skin’s natural water balance, retaining up to 40% of water. Provides comfort, reduces irritation and protects the scalp.

Camellia Oil: Rich in vitamins A, B, E, D and trace elements. High antioxi­dant activity helps to restore elasticity and smoothness to the hair.

5 Trace Elements Protein Complex: Compound of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Silicon that prevent 5-alpha reductase from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the main cause of hair loss. Provides cells with essential nutrients to ensure strong cell division and optimal hair growth.

Vegan Shine Beautifier Complex: 100% vegetable and 100% biodegradable complex that visibly increases the shine of the hair to enhance its natural beauty.

Rosemary Botanical Extract: Great antioxidant capacity. Contains carnosinic acid that contributes to the protection of DNA from free radicals and inhibits the expression of MMP types 1, 2 and 9.