Moisturizing with a Mask Travel Size 15ml

Extreme Hydration and Anti Aging Mask without the Oiliness.

NEW FORMULATION! "Extreme Hydration and Anti Aging Mask without the Oiliness!"

Moisturing With A Mask is a pure phyto-alpine hydrating bath that works wonders to repair dehydrated and aggressed skins. This mask provides instantaneous replenishment and wipes out premises of cutaneous ageing.

• Contains replenishing Rosa Moschata extract.
• Instantaneously rebalances skin's hydration rate for longer.
• Reinforce the cutaneous structure and stimulates cellular metabolism.

Size 50mL - 1.7oz

Use as hydration is needed once or twice weekly. Apply a thick layer on the cleansed face and neck area, avoiding the eye contour. Remove after 20 minutes with cloth. For devitalized skins, apply daily for one week as a treatment.