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Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara


"Dramatically lengthening, this unique mascara formula works better than false lashes." Rich in mineral salts, Red Seaweed Extract regenerates lashes and adds elasticity.


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"The newest lash-growth peptide technology has now been added to the original, sought-after Faux Cils formula."

After two weeks of daily use Sympeptide17 helps stimulate lash growth by 25 percent. The formula features the non-clumping, double helix brush to comb and feather lashes for defined volume.

  • Immediate volume is achieved by a special combination of natural waxes
  • Unique peptide stimulates keratin genes and encourages stronger and longer lashes, without discoloration or irritation
  • Contains ultra conditioning rosewater for a luxurious and healing experience
  • Full bristle amplifying brush

Apply two coats to the eye lashes