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Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic Cream

Perfect for: all skin types to dehydrated or mature skin. Total hydration Ant-Aging Cream.
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"For severely dehydrated skin... or anyone in need of a great anti-aging hydrating cream."

Part of the New Generation Anti-Age Hydration Duo, the Hydra3 serum and cream work together to treat the causes of water deficiency resulting from aging. This prolonged hydration cream provides the skin with a genuine water reserve thanks to the DNA liposome and high concentraton of hyaluronic acid.

With every application, the skin is visibly replumped and fuller. Triple DNA and the DNA liposome combine their complementary action for new generation anti-age hydration. Targets 3 cutaneous depths (the corneous layer, the live epidermis and the dermis) so hydration is conceived in three dimensions.

Size: 50 ml // 1.7 oz

*Hydra3 Regenetic is an updated version of the classic Regenetic cream that Valmont has discontinued.

How to use: Mornings and evenings. After applying the serum, allow a nut-sized amount of Hydra3 Regenetic cream to penetrate the face and neck with very light strokes.

Active Ingredients: Triple DNA, DNA Liposome, RNA Liposome