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"Eye, jawline & décolletage roller"

Replicates the comfortable pushing and drainage manipulations or "Point Drainage*" of a professional esthetician, made possible with a beautiful lotus-cut, 840-facet multi-fit roller. A gentle touch reaches throughout the skin, drawing it in to create a lively smile and expressive beauty. 
*Drainage is a term used to describe technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to describe any effect the product has on your body.


Solar or indoor light is converted into microcurrent
Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing light into a solar panel fixed in the handle. ReFa's microcurrents are produced entirely from solar energy. So you can take your ReFa with you anywhere and never have to replace batteries or plug in to charge. The small solar panel located on the top of the roller handle absorbs sunlight or indoor light and converts it into a low level current that is emitted through the rollers to your beautiful skin.

Esthetic Method
Four specially shaped diamond-cut rollers tighten the skin with “Double Kneading”, a method to replicate the consecutive and continuous feeling of a professional hand treatment.

Platinum Coating
The surface of each roller is coated in brilliant platinum, making it compatible for even the most delicate skin.
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