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Sculpt Lift Bar 24K Gold


The Sculpt Lift Bar 24K Gold has multiple benefits for inner and outer beauty for glowing skin and a youthful appearance.

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The pulsating massage is also relaxing and de-stressing. For busy urbanites like us, this handy tool is a real timesaver in our increasingly hectic lifestyles.

- Detox your skin through lymphatic drainage and reduce water retention to achieve the V-sculpt and lifted-look
- Tone and contour face
- Alleviate puffiness under eyes and face by mimicking a good facial massage

  • Massage with 24K gold sculpt lift bar making long motions upward on forehead and chin or jawline to V-lift.
  • Gently massage undereyes to have a de-puffing effect.
  • Combine with your favorite skincare products for an optimal result!