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Sisal Nail Brush


Sisal is a versatile and naturally sustainable material with medium-high density, making it a perfect option for full-body dry brushing.

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Designed in the traditional Japanese style, Baudelaire's sisal brushes not only provide excellent exfoliation but are also perfect for treating yourself to a gentle massage.

This smaller 6" version is the ideal size for hands and feet.


Level of exfoliation


Why exfoliate?

Stimulates healthy circulation

Removes top layer of dead skin cells

Opens pores to air, moisture, and nourishment

Leaves a bright and healthy glow

Dry brush before taking a shower. Make long strokes in the direction of your heart using gentle pressure. It is recommended to avoid dry brushing the face. Shower afterward to wash away loose dirt and skin cells.

After each use, rinse with clean cool water, shake out, and hang to dry.