Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit


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Your 360 Body Workout Reinvented.
Glow. Lift. Smooth. NASA-Inspired.

Leading a busy lifestyle in an urban setting can result in an increasing negligence towards body care due to the lack of time, effort and priority. Some of the more widely-known concerns for body care vary from stretchmarks, belly bulge, lack of elasticity, double chin and back acne. Each body is unique and different.

Turn on the Power of Customization for yours with Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit, another World's First by Skin Inc. This revolutionary, non-invasive and anti-shock microcurrent treatment is a 4-in-1 that helps to tone, lift, contour, brighten, and smooth appearance of problem skin, with zero downtime. The Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit provides 3000 5-min at-home treatments that will instantly detox, uplift your mood and boost your body for the overall appearance of healthy glowing skin.


  • GLOW MODE: Help improve marks and dullness for brighter skin with Green LED, micro-vibrations & microcurrent
  • LIFT MODE: Helps to tighten sagging skin for a firmer and more supple appearance that you can feel skin deep, with Red LED, micro-vibrations, micro-current & warming technology
  • SMOOTH MODE: Helps to target appearance of problem skin such as backne, chestne & assne with Blue/Red LED, micro-vibrations & micro-current

Along with a healthy diet & regular exercise, the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit stimulates your muscles for a lifting effect, so you’re getting a full body workout without all the work!


  • After 1st Use:
    Instant relief due to warming & vibration
    Reduction in puffiness & water retention
  • After 2-4 weeks:
    Skin appears more elastic
    Reduction of lines & wrinkles
  • Long-Term:
    Overall boost in hydration
    Skin appears more supple & smooth


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When using the device for the first time after the purchase, use it after charging it for at least one hour. To power the device, hold down the power/mode button for a second to turn on/off the power. Press the button once shortly to display the battery level. Each mode of the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit can be used for up to 5 minutes per application, before it goes into stand-by mode.

  • Color of charging/status indicator and beep sound for each mode:
  • White LED (with a beep sound): Preheating stage of the WARM mode
  • White LED: The WARM mode is in operation
  • Green LED: The GLOW mode is in operation
  • Red LED (with a beep sound): Preheating stage of the LIFT mode
  • Red LED: The LIFT mode is in operation
  • Red and Blue LEDs flashing alternately: The SMOOTH mode is in operation

How to use each mode
Each time the mode button is pressed, the mode indicator flashes to the right to start the corresponding mode. When using the device, make sure to insert your finger into the ion terminal located on the top of the device.

How to use in standby mode
When the operation of each mode is completed, the mode indicator flashes after a short beep sound and the device goes into the standby mode. The standby mode lasts for about 2 minutes and the power turns off automatically when the standby mode ends. To move on to the next mode, press the button briefly once during the standby mode to start the next mode.

Switch on the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit and make direct contact with skin. Use a gentle motion to massage the area (circular clockwise, upwards or outwards - depending on the area being massaged and the different modes chosen).

When the battery is low, the charging/status indicator flashes in red for 5 seconds with a beep sound and then the power is turned off with a 'beep-beep' sound. To clean the device, hold down the switch to turn off the power and thoroughly wipe off any skincare remaining on the metal head with a cloth or cotton pad. Do not submerge the device in water or wash it under running water.

LED chromotherapy has been proven to safely treat and target specific skin concerns by having different wavelengths
Lift with the Red Light - Lift for firmer and healthier looking skin.
Glow with the Green Light - Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion.
Smooth with the Blue Light - Alleviate pesky spots or congested skin for smooth and soothed skin.

Warming at 42°C/108°F
Emblematic of our Japanese roots, ganbanyoku or in Japanese means “bedrock bathing”, our heat mode pays homage to the rejuvenating properties of hot stone massage.

What is Micro-Current?
Micro-current has been around for decades, especially in physical therapy, so it is safe, effective, and targeted.
Studies have shown that micro-current treatment can tighten and smooth the appearance of contours. Along with healthy diet and regular exercise, micro-current wakes your skin up, giving your body a 'work out' resulting in the appearance of firmer, smoother, contoured and toned skin.
When combined with the Body Sculpt Fit Serum, oscillating wavelengths of positive and negative ions can enhance the performance of skincare ingredients skin deep.

What is Micro-Vibration?
Vibrating between 4000- 8000 RPM, micro-vibration can revive and address the appearance of sagging skin, lines and dimpling such as saddlebags, love handles and belly bulge by helping improve blood circulation* and enhance the performance of skincare ingredients.
Micro-vibration instantly relieves tension and soothes the body, potentially helping to reduce puffiness and water retention, along w sculpt serum skin will be more hydrated.
Over time, micro-vibration can also help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer skin.

Drains lymph fluids from the face, enhancing your natural contour

*Please Note: This ingredient list is subject to change. Please refer to the product packaging for the most up-to-date ingredient list.